Diary Of A Virgin episode 3 (Reviewed)

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”



Episode 3

Dear diary, I couldn’t believe what I heard. My uncle had seen me spiritually before meeting me in person. Instinctively, I shielded my by with my hands as I tried to comprehend what he had said. My mother couldn’t say anything as she wept uncontrollably, my dad was too distraught to utter a word. The only noise was made by my immediate elder brother Dika who was still being held back by the oldest Okey.

As I stood horrified, I watched the drama between my siblings. Thank goodness Okey was the muscular and taller one unlike Dika who believed that ‘slim was sexy.’ What if it was Okey that wanted to beat uncle Iyke up’? I would have walked in on his corpse.

Before we knew what was happening, my uncle started screaming at obscene things. He threw his arms to hit and retreated as in self defense. My mom found her voice at last and shouted at my father to take his brother out of their home. With nothing in defense, my dad stood up awkwardly, got his car keys and asked my brothers to carry uncle Iyke to his car.

I saw Dika disobey my dad for the first time. He just looked at my uncle’s body on the floor and my dad, back again and stormed out to his room. My dad didn’t say anything and not waiting for Hamid to come when my mom called for him, he managed with Okey to the car. Okey came back in and told my mom that dad was taking uncle Iyke back to the village and would be back the next day.

It was almost seven in the night and the journey to Delta was roughly six hours. All things being equal he would be back tomorrow around ten o’clock. Dinner was served with much candour as was the norm. After dinner, everyone went to their rooms because we all had nothing to share. I was in bed thinking about how I had nearly escaped misfortune when I heard a rasp on my door and the door creaked open and my mom was in my room. She asked me to take off my clothes and then she checked to see if I was intact, satisfied she left.

No sooner had she left than Okey came into my room. He sat on the edge of the bed and held my hand for a while as if reassuring himself that I was alive. As he made to leave, I held back his hand and hugged him fiercely. He patted my hair and left for his room.

I wasn’t surprised when finally Dika came into my room. He carried me off to the other side of the bed and laid close to me. He covered us both with the duvet, held my hand and when he felt it wasn’t enough, he snuggled closer and we cuddled falling asleep.

It must have been around six the next day that I heard a loud wail from my mother’s room. I jumped out of bed first and out the room with Dika following closely…

To be continued…





(C) 2016


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