Diary Of A Virgin episode 2 (Reviewed)

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”



Episode 2


Dear diary, yesterday was hellish at home because of the pandemonium caused by Uncle Iyke. My dad was too sad to be angry and as soon as my mom saw me, she hugged me fiercely and wouldn’t let me go until I started to cough. I saw my oldest brother refraining my immediate elder brother from beating the form on the floor. Without going closer, I knew that person was actually my uncle. His chocolate skin was turning black and he was wincing in excruciating pain and was making guttural sounds.

I would never know if he felt my presence but he started to shout that he needed to talk. He said that while he was abroad, he did odd things to make a honest living and when he was spending more than he was earning and was in debt, he took the advice of his friends to marry a white lady so that he could get his green card and be able to get a better job.

Things were going on fine and within a year into the marriage she had conceived. She kept telling him that it was after the delivery of their third child that she would assist him with the card and she would then ask if he married her because of the card. However, the lady started to become unfaithful after two years of no child between them. It first started with rumors,then later he phone would ring at odd hours. Last week, she had brought a man into their home and were having sex on their bed. He lost his cool and hit her. He practically threw the guy with her out the door and really beat her up.

He was arrested, detained for some days but the lady dropped every charge but maintained that he left in peace. He told us that he had bought all he had for us with his remaining money and that he had been in the country days before he actually came home.

He was near desperation and when he called a friend of his, that one clearly refused to assist and told him that he could show him the way.

He was taken to a place early the next day by his friend and when he got there, he realised that it was a native doctor’s place. He was told that he was going to be very rich, extremely rich but he had to pay a price. The price was to use the blood of someone close to him and it had to be a virgin. He told the man he didn’t know any close related virgin and the man just laughed. He said some incantations and asked him to look into a bowl.

Pointing at me, he said ‘I saw her picture in the bowl!’




(C) 2016


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