Diary Of A Virgin episode 5

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”



Episode 5


Dear diary, today more than ever I wish my father was a farmer just a farmer. Not a subsistence farmer though but that he owned a plantain plantation. Ugh! I can’t even imagine myself a farmer’s daughter. If only wishes came through then am sure I would have been a walking dead. I would have been alive but without destiny.

Did I tell you D? That my uncle was supposedly given a white piece of cloth to cover me with while I was asleep and that was the reason why I woke up weak on those occasions. It was going to take effect, that is the ‘destiny collection’ on the third day. Unbelievable you might say but you’ll soon know that African Airforce is real!

My uncles came in and sat down without invitation. The elderly one whom we all call Diopa, cleared his throat and told my mom that they had come to take possession of father’s estate and they(while pointing at the two other wolves that were seated with him) would decide on how to take care of our needs. He said they would be generous enough to allow us stay in the boy’s quarters, which was behind the house.

I sized Diopa up as he ranted. The man would easily be identified as a monkey save for his feet and arms. I could see the hairs on his arm where the sleeves of his shirt stopped. He had bowlegs which made his caudal to drop a little making him squat permanently. His head was bald and I wondered what his wife would have to go through every night. Am sure his kids would be ashamed of him.

I stopped analyzing when his jarring words drew me out of my reverie. “Are you deaf? ” He asked me.

Obviously he had been talking to me for quite a while. When I stared blankly at him, he then asked me if I had finished school and I told him I was still in school and that the school was on its sessional break. He said that was good and did some mental calculation. He asked again if I was in a relationship. At the word ‘relationship’, Okey who had been visibly trembling jerked my mom’s hand off him, went to where Diopa was seated and carried him out of the house. The two urchins followed swiftly with their tails between their legs.

Angrily, Okey shut the gate in the face of one of the urchins when he asked where they were supposed to pass the night as it was almost dark.

Sunset came with cool breeze caressing the leaves of the artificial coconut tree in the compound. The flowers were in a sensuous mood as they released their frangrance.The breeze kept whispering and I thought it was just to compliment the ambiance of the environment.

We had dinner without gusto and my mom and I were doing the dishes when her phone rang. She checked the screen and whispered that it was the pastor. She answered the call, didn’t utter a word as she only nodded and kept saying yes yes.




(C) 2016


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