Diary Of A Virgin episode 6

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”


Episode 6



Dear diary, no need for formalities now because am more than saddened. Am beginning to ask God why he would allow all of these to have happened in the first place. It’s like a fortune of wheel that keeps rolling only that there’s no fortune coming to my family.

As soon as my mom dropped the call, she asked me to leave the dishes and we wiped out hands on the dish rag. She asked me to call Okey and Dika to the sitting room. We all three got there to find my mom on her knees, eyes shut tightly but with tears trickling down to her blouse. Okey joined her on the floor and then Dika and I followed suit. We just knelt down but didn’t utter a word.

After what seemed like fifteen minutes, mom opened her eyes and told us that the pastor called to tell her something. She told us to cast out every demons and that any gathering which was against God’s knowledge should be scattered. We all prayed with zeal for the first hour and by the second Dika was sleeping and praying. He went in to wash his face when my mom began to cry for him to pray and returned refreshed.

At a point I had to lean on him when I began to get tired.

By one in the morning Okey who had been snoring while we were singing praises let out a piercing wail. He opened his eyes wide, flung out his arms and legs and was stiff. Then almost immediately, all became quiet and it took us all a full minute before our brains taught our feet to move.

I was the first to reach him and I shook him frantically and searched for pulse. Even if it was little. My mom flung out her arms and legs where she had been praying and was saying things that were incoherent. Dika shoved me aside as he looked for any sign of life but when he couldn’t. He joined me on the floor, put his hands on his knees and held his head between his palm.

My mom’s phone rang and as soon as she answered, she started talking about how she had left what she was doing when he asked them all to pray because something evil was being planned for her family. She told him how we had been praying till the evil moment came. She told him Okechukwu was dead. That God still allowed her son to die. And hung up.

No one had the energy to console the other because when I got up, no one even noticed my exit. I went to my room but couldn’t sleep and all I could do was to toss and turn. I dare not blame God but I just wished things had happened differently.

Around five the next morning, I got up to see how my mom was doing only for me to discover that Dika had slept in mom’s room. I tiptoed to the bed not wanting to wake either one of them. I slept on the other side of mom and we all snuggled close, taking and receiving warmth from each other.

It was the consistent banging on the door that brought us all back to reality.

To be continued…


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(C) 2016


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