Diary Of A Virgin episode 8

By Adebayo Mayowa


Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”


Episode 8



Dear diary, am sure with the recent deaths in my family, the angels would have noticed that a particular family was frequenting their domain.

The deathly cry was not from Dika as I had feared it would but from one of the urchins. It happened that in their bid to fall the other, Dika had pushed him to the walls and he banged his head in the process. I would have enjoyed watching blood drop off his cut head but I guess the head was actually sturdier than the 225mm thick block wall.

Chagrined at the insolence and turn of events, Diokpa brought out an amulet and began chanting some words. He told us the charm had been activated and that he would not be sorry to use it on us. With fire blazing in his eyes, as if he been transformed into a predator, he ordered either of the urchins to go with Dika and I into our rooms in order to pack. He told them to ensure we took nothing that wasn’t personal.

Dika and I went to our separate rooms to pack, each with an urchin while Diokpa took it upon himself to help my mom with her packing. I took my time to pack and was annoyed when my ‘guard’ sat on my bed. He seemed to be enjoying this, day dreaming about being in my father’s house. I said nothing as I did the unwanted chore of packing. It was really stressful as I had so many.

As I was almost done with my packing, my guard plumped down on my pillow and laid back. I was still the owner! He was making me invincible. Well, two can play the game.

Still dressed in my mourning dress, I cleared my throat as I undid the zipper of my dress. The hissing sound was deafening as my ‘guard’ broke from his reverie and glared lustfully at me. This was going to be fun. I took of my bra while my dress was still on and tossed it on the bed. His eye balls seemed to be in oscillation as they followed every of my mood excitedly.

I squatted just a little as I again took off my panties. It was a G-string and I stretched the waist as far as it could go and threw it on the bed. I couldn’t believe I was having fun in spite of my situation. As soon as it hit the bed, he held his mid section awaiting more.

Well, I did. I brought out my hands from the dress while still covering my chest and did a perfect turn as I hit the shower. My sarcasm paid off as I heard the door to my room being shut. The cad! So, he would have loved to see me naked. I left the tap running and went back to my room naked. Took the chair and brought down the big duffel bag we used to travel as a family.

Took the manilla envelope I was searching for. It contained #500,000 cash. I put it at the bottom of my beg and zipped it. I was wiping my body when the door to my room was opened rudely. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Diokpa and my ‘guard’. He was visibly angrier now, cussing his aid for leaving me alone.

He then ordered him to go through my bag. My heart was in my mouth as the ultimate search began. Every piece I had painstakingly folded was upturned and down to the bottom of my bags to the one I had hidden the envelope.

Relieved, Diokpa left and asked my guard not to leave. I took my clothes to the bathroom to wear and I pondered what had happened to the envelope.

To be continued…




(C) 2016


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