Diary Of A Virgin episode 9

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”


Episode 9


Dear diary, more than ever before I wish I had metaphysical powers or I was a mermaid. Come to think of it, it’s really a puzzle I ain’t a mermaid, with my legs, hair, beauty and charm. I would have made life miserable for Diokpa and those other two just as they were trying to make ours.

Hamid, assisted us in carrying our bags out to the gate against Diokpa’s instructions and threat of having him retrenched. Diokpa was dazed as Hamid bent down to pick two bags from the entirety. He yelled again when Hamid came in for his second trip. He knew he would need Hamid, so he kept mum as he fumed silently.

With all of our bags outside, Dika practically shoulder-dragged mom before she could go down on her knees to beg. Being sent out of your home with pride was better than being sent out, then begging and later being dragged out of the house. The difference is postponing the inevitable.

I was the last one through the gate and as I turned to look at where I had called home for years, I saw instead Diokpa’s smirk. Ha, the cad! I was somewhat grateful to him for making us change environment because the memories we had shared in the house would have kept haunting us, but not in this manner.

My mom sat on one of her bags and cried uncontrollably, so Dika and I chose to ignore her at that moment as we thought of where to pass the night as sun set was already shamelessly flaunting her beauty mockingly. Our parents had no friend around and our church was a little bit far, no mother’s relative around too. All these things we talked about and trashed out eventualities until we settled for our neighbors house next door.

I wouldn’t say our relationship was a good one but it wasn’t bad either. Dika was trying to explain the decision we had reached to our mom when I saw our neighbour’s car pull in front of his house and honked for the gate to be opened. I quickly went over and thought of the misery I had been through lately in order for me to cry real hard to convince them. This was our only boat!

I was glad when I saw Aunty Sharon my neighbour’s wife in the passenger seat. I motioned for them to stop all the while crying my eyes out. Aunty Sharon was the first to get out, cross over to where I was and held me in her arms, while her husband turned off the car engine and got out. God bless aunty Sharon for her bosom as I found great comfort there and in her raspberry cologne. Her skin was soft and her hair smelled really good. I had almost stopped crying. I had to sob so that I could sound convincing.

I told them about my dad’s death but which they already knew about but not the circumstances surrounding it. Then I gave them a full detail about Okey’s death and how we had been evicted from our home. By the time I was through with the detailed narration of my story, Aunty Sharon blurted out without thinking that we could stay till we wanted and looked at her husband for confirmation.

Like he could change his mind when the woman had voted in our favour and not in front of us. She asked her husband to go in, while she went back with me to lend a hand. She took us into our room which was considerably big for a guest room and asked us to have our bath while she prepared dinner for all.

We took turns to bath which was new and we all sat down to rest. I then went to my bag, brought out the manilla envelope and dropped it. Dika’s eyes were bulging as he stared at the bills and at me, then back to my mother. I told them that Dika and I would go in search of an apartment the next day.

Here’s what really happened to the manilla envelope…

To be continued…



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(C) 2016


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