Diary Of A Virgin episode 10

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”



Episode 10


Dear diary, I never knew money could change so many things all at once. The joy on my mother’s face was satisfying after I told her and Dika how the money came about.

Here’s what I left out diary, I was in the bathroom still gloating about my sweet eviction of my guard when I heard a voice, powerful and authoritative. The voice ordered me to pick up the envelope and hide it in the closet. I initially disobeyed by telling myself that no one would dare search my bags but it came again and I did as I was told. Which paid off eventually.

I told my mom and brother how my dad had given me the money to keep for a rainy day. He told me he was giving me because he trusted me. When I told my mom the amount which was #500,000, her mouth fell agape and all Dika could do was hug the money fiercely. I then told them that Dika and I would go in search of an apartment the next day and then we’ll think of what to use the balance for.

I returned the money and just then Aunty Sharon knocked on the door to announce that dinner was ready. The couple tried to make dinner lively but no sunshine could brighten our already dampened mood. After dinner, I volunteered to do the dishes alone but Aunty Sharon would hear none of it. We ended up doing the dishes together. Which was different from how I used to do it.

Here’s what I really mean. While she did the washing, I dried the dishes with a dish rag and arranged them. After we were done, she told me that I had placed the long spoon wrongly and that it was supposed to be hooked on its hanger which was up. I smiled and picked up the spoon. As I stretched to hang the spoon, she moved closer but I guess it was a mistake and when I returned to my height, our breasts touched each other and she stared at me strangely.

She patted my shoulders and bid me goodbye with my mind working out the turn of events. I got to the room to see my family already settled in with my space already created in the middle. I turned off the lights and slept almost immediately with Aunty Sharon on my mind.

I must have slept for long because I awoke with the sun displaying her rays shamelessly in my face and with Dika and mom no where in the room. I searched the bathroom, zilch.

I left the room and went to the kitchen when I heard the clatter of cutlery on the floor. I saw Aunty Sharon beautifully clad in a short dress. She told me my brother and mother left early as I was still sleeping and that her husband had gone to work.

We were home alone! What were the odds? She told me to go have my bath that dinner was ready. I smiled and left the the kitchen and headed to the room. I took off my clothes and turned on the shower. I had finished washing my body and was about to turn on the shower when I felt someone’s presence in the bath with me. Before I knew it I was in a bear hug with a familiar body.

The person turned on the shower and when the water had washed off the suds from my eyes, I saw Aunty Sharon staring lustfully at me. And before I knew it, she started kissing me and was running her hands down my body.

Ding dong!!! The door bell went off as she was about to take off her clothes. Annoyed she left me shivering from what might have happened. I rinsed my body and turned off the shower and dressed up quickly. I heard voices but wasn’t interested and went to the kitchen to get my food. I was about doing the dishes when she came in with the visitor gone. She had me cornered between herself and the sink. She told me how she had always wanted me…

She dropped a feather kiss on my lips and before I knew it, I was kissing her back hungrily.

To be continued…




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(c) 2016


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