Diary Of A Virgin episode 17

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”


Episode 17


Dear diary, I stood stupefied staring at the exact opposite of the man I was admiring. The Chief Nwabueze Uncle Ben pointed out was huge even as he was seated, which was okay. He was dark and well a nightmare. I wanted to scream as I stared at his face but I told myself to keep my cool. I looked at the handsome guy in the suit and wondered why he wasn’t the Chief.

To say Chief Nwabueze is a monkey isn’t doing the monkey family justice. He was worse than a monkey. This man had a perfectly round head, maybe bald for all I care (I couldn’t see his head because of the red cap he wore), his face was all puffed up and his eyes had gone sunken in his head. His cheeks drooped and he had double chin. I could see just his head and next his shoulders because he doesn’t seem like he has a neck. Fat had covered where taut flesh was supposed to be. This is the evil of wealth I thought as I sized him up.

I had always imagined to have a baby girl as my fist child with a tall, handsome but very rich man. The girl was going to be tall just like her parents, she would have my long black hair, my cute pink lips, my white eyes, her father’s athletic body, his smile, his intelligence, my smartness all of these and many more.

I was still picturing how my daughter would look like when my mom pinched me to bring me back to the present. I was asked to sit down beside him which I did eventually after my initial hesitation. I sat but was looking at the handsome guy, only for him to tilt my shoulders to face him.

At that angle, my nose was directly opposite his mouth and when he opened his mouth to talk to me, it was as if I he had dead fish stored in his mouth. I screamed and woke up still screaming. My mom was the first one up. When I was asked what the matter was, I told them I had a dream with a masquerade chasing me with a cutlass in it.

Instantly, my mom rolled off the bed, went down on her knees and we all prayed against my nightmare.

Early the next day, I bumped into Uncle Ben on his way out to work. He told me that he had called ‘him’and that he said he would be coming on Saturday. At the mention of the word ‘Saturday’, I had a sense of dejavu. I panicked a little bit but was bold enough to ask him what he looked like. He smiled as he rushed out to his car yelling that I would know on Saturday.

I willed my legs to move but it wouldn’t yield to my bidding, so I yielded to gravity and sat down on the floor in the sitting room. It was Dika’s voice that brought me out of my reverie. He held my head up and placed a kiss on my forehead. He lifted me up in his arms and told me it would be alright but I wanted to scream that everything looked bleak.

He dropped me on the bed and rocked me till I felt the tension and fear end away. I kept to myself through out that day and was unnecessarily quiet till the much anticipated day arrived.

Fear gripped my heart when everything started to happen just like I had dreamed and as I parted the curtains when the gate was opened at noon, I saw three Range Rover sports car and my mom came to tell me to get ready. I was searching for what to wear when my mom asked me to wear my blue tube long dress.

I searched for the dress and upon seeing it, I got scared and panick strickened, I tried to undo the zipper of the dress but it got caught in the material and as I tried to ease it down, it caught on more material and wouldn’t budge.

I threw the dress on the floor with my mom shouting at me. Aunty Sharon came in just then and told me the guests were seated and requested my presence. One look at my face, she left the room and came back in minutes with a parcel later and asked my angry mother to leave everything to her. She handed the parcel to me and asked me to open it. She said she got it for me and had wanted to give me during the week to cheer me up but I wouldn’t even talk to her. She gave me a light kiss on the lips and urged me to open the parcel.

It was a short beautiful skater dress. It was off-shoulder with the top down to the waist made from black sequins material. From waist to the knees, was made of blue material. It was perfect and when I swirled around, it did with me and it showed off my legs. I smiled, whispered thank you and took off the towel around me.

The dress was above my head when I felt her hand pry the dress off my hands, she pushed me to the bed and began to kiss and caress me. She kissed every part of my face, then moved down to my shoulders, she then went to my breasts. Oh! I felt different. She sucked my nipples and caressed me. Not wanting to just collect, I started to fondle her breasts and was undoing the buttons when the door suddenly opened and someone shouted.


To be continued…


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