Diary Of A Virgin episode 18

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"


Episode 18


Dear diary, I feel ashamed. I wish I could turn into an Eagle so I could soar far away from home, from my family, from everyone around me. I wish more than ever that I wasn’t caught in the act. Would this be kept a secret or will I face embarrassment, scorn and disdain from those who have done nothing but love me for me.

The face that greeted Aunty Sharon and I was pained and angry. The person said nothing but went back to the sitting room to wait for us.

Quickly, she got up from me and left the room in a hurry and returned with a box after I had worn and successfully zipped up my dress. She asked me to sit on the bed while she opened the box to reveal different kinds of make up from different brands. She worked her magic on both my face and hair and all I could do was stare at the ethereal beauty that stared back at me in the mirror.

I dorned on my favorite flat  gold sandals and I know that even the mermaids could have mistaken me for one of them. I had my usual coy smile when I left the room with Aunty Sharon in front of me. But it froze instantly as I recalled my dream at the threshold of the sitting room. Then again I thought to myself, am wearing a different dress even though it’s still blue. Cursing myself for being superstitious, I cocked my head to one side angrily and pouted my lips in resignation as I stepped into the sitting room.

Mouths stood hanging as I entered and Aunty Sharon left to sit down beside her husband. I searched for the third party and I saw that the person too at the moment was charmed by my beauty. I stood looking for ‘Chief Nwabueze’but there was no one that matched the description, in fact no one wore the red cap.

Uncle Ben’s head moved in approval to something or someone but I didnt know to whom it was directed because I was gloating that I wasn’t going to eventually pass out.

A man in his early forties stood and walked up to me. ‘D’, I nearly fainted for real at the sight of him. He was well above six feet three inches tall, very dark, he was neither fat nor did he look very athletic, his head was clean shaven just as his face was rather too handsome for just a man. His smile was charming and I nearly gave in to gravity as he smiled, only for me to be held by powerful strong hands. And I practically crooned when he asked if I was okay. I nodded not trusting my voice and he smiled again and I moved closer to the ground yet again.

However, he held me and led me to where he had stood up from and held my shoulders. I felt the chill go through my bones. Then the meeting started in earnest. Uncle Ben introduced the person I was seated close to as the person who was interested in me and all and gave him the opportunity to talk. He said he just wanted a kid with a responsible young girl but he would never marry the person as he was married.

As if reading my mind, he told everyone that his wife was the one that couldn’t bear him a child even though they’ve tried all they could. She was the one that even suggested that he got someone pregnant and she would have been there that day but she changed her mind that morning. He said he’ll up the money to #10,000,000 and I could stay permanently in any country I really wanted.

After all had been said, my mom agreed and so did Dika and then he said we should get ready tomorrow morning that we’ll be leaving Uncle Ben’s house to ours in Magodo. I wanted to scream but didn’t want to embarrass myself any further. I served him myself and after the meal, he requested we had a chat outside.

Outside, at the gazebo, he told me he upped the money because of my beauty. He was grateful for everything and he held my hands in his. He asked me while looking into my eyes if I had a boyfriend, I shook my head in response. He asked again if there wasn’t someone I loved, I hesitated as I thought about Aunty Sharon and told him no. He hugged me then and told me that he’ll always be there for me.

‘what brand and model of car would you like?’ He asked and all I could do was blink as if I didn’t comprehend what he had just asked. He smiled and told me that he’ll come to pick us himself tomorrow. We held hands and for the first time in my life, I felt butterflies in my tummy. My heart skipped as he stood up and placed a long wet kiss on my forehead.

He told me he was leaving and that he’ll see me the next morning.We went in together and soon they left, all six of them.

I was about doing the dishes with Aunty Sharon when my mom asked Dika to take my place. We all were quiet as he grudgingly obeyed. I went to my room, took off my dress and went to have my bath. I was still in the bathroom when I heard the door open and close. I took my time in scrubbing the make up off my face and when I finally got out, I saw the person who had caught us.

The look I was given was maligned. I was about to open my mouth to talk when the door opened and my mom came in… I became confused.


To be continued…


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