Diary Of A Virgin episode 20

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"


Episode 20


Dear diary, whoever had said ‘get rich or die trying’, probably knew what he was saying. Wealth is a necessity and having this was an important conquest. The gate to the house was electrically controlled. And once through the gate, I felt I was no longer in Nigeria.

I was seated in front with KC while my mom and brother sat at the back. Once KC was well parked, I saw three maids already awaiting us. They quickly moved our bags from the car into the house while I stared at the beautiful duplex that stood enticingly in front of me.

I thought I was the only one whose heart had been captured until I saw Dika. He was staring at the mini garden, the pool that glistened under the ray of the sun. The gazebo was bigger than that of uncle Ben’s. It had more chairs and there were flowers everywhere. It was as if we had come to live in a green house.

KC was really gentle as he ensured that he waited for us to ‘feed our eyes’. Our bags all moved, he held my hand and gently pulled me to the house. He told the maids frankly that they were responsible to me and then introduced my mom and brother. He dismissed them and told them he’d call them when needed.

The youngest of the maid would be older than me with at least five years. I didn’t know how they’ll receive me but with them gone, I looked around and was surprised at the lavishness of the owner of the house. The sitting room was painted in lemon and orange while the sofas were made from black leather and every other accessories were black.

Once again he half pulled me, telling me he wanted to give me a tour of the house. He pointed at three rooms downstairs and I told him I wanted to take a peek. The first bedroom was about 3.6m X 3.6m with an inbuilt wardrobe which was wide. It had a long sofa and a reading table. It also boasted of a dressing table which must have been made from the finest of oak trees. The floor was tiled and the walls were painted in shades of blue. KC turned to leave but I stayed back to inspect the bathroom. It boasted of a shower, WC and the necessary accessories.

By the time I was done, I noticed that all three of them weren’t downstairs which meant that he must be showing them to their rooms. I took a tour of the other rooms since I was no longer needed at the moment. There was nothing new in the other rooms. They were a replica of the first room.

I went further and saw the dinning room. It was a standard room with a big dominating table made from the sturdiest of wood. The chairs were high backed and I sat on one just to discover that it was very comfortable. I continued with my lone tour to the kitchen.

I practically moaned when I got in. It was U-shaped and had a working table which was made from ceramic tiles and I saw one of the maids about to start cooking. She introduced herself as Mariah and that she was the cook. I smiled back and told her she could call me Ife as in Ifeyinwa. Instead, she replied with ‘yes ma’. I looked on and saw that it had everything. The walls were white while the tables and cupboards were brown, I saw a door and thought that must be the store.

I left the the kitchen and went upstairs. KC was waiting for me infront of a room when I got to the landing. I went straight to him and he said ‘madam are you done’, smiling. He told me there were four bedrooms upstairs and he had already shown my mother and brother theirs and that I had the master’s bedroom to myself. I wanted to argue that my mom was supposed to be the one occupying the room but he hushed me and opened the door.

OMG!!! I kept saying and he was practically laughing now and sat on the lone but long sofa. The bed was big with white sheets. The canopy on top was made from red material. The dressing table was very big and I saw my bags in front of the walk-in closet. I opened the door to the bathroom and saw it had a sofa, small refrigerator, a Jacuzzi and everything necessary.

Fatigued, I took off my clothes, ran the Jacuzzi and added a small quantity of shower gel. I got in and relaxed with my eyes closed. I felt someone’s presence, so I opened my eyes to see KC in the room, naked. Naked! My eyes bulged and darted and I felt my heart thunder as I stared wide eyed at his mid section.

To be continued…


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