Diary Of A Virgin episode 16

By Adebayo Mayowa

Cover: "Diary Of A Virgin"
Cover: “Diary Of A Virgin”

Episode 16


Dear diary, this is too tempting an offer to refute. I mean it’s just one life for three lives and it’s not like the other life would be lost. We’ll just be estranged that’s all.

However tempting the offer was, my conscience kept pricking me and telling me that nothing good that would stay for long came easily and cheaply. I had to count my losses and trust me they were so much that I couldn’t keep track. There’s no going back on my decision!

As soon as Uncle Ben told all of us in the living room what the benefits would be, my mom sank to the floor thanking God for the ray of light while Dika moved to the edge of the sofa and gripped the hand, grinning from ear to ear. There was joy at last and I dares steal a glance at Aunty Sharon only for her to give me a vehement look. As if she had been waiting for me to look her way.

I still liked her no doubt but the future looked bleak with her. Wait, who am I kidding? There’s no future between us in the least bit. With that, I turned and left for my room and had my bath. So, Uncle Ben had no feeling for me. He must have been staring at me amused by the way he was going to tell me this. Indeed it was sordid. I must have been asleep when my family came in because when I awoke with a start from my dream, I was sandwiched as usual in between them.

The dream was about the father of my baby. I was curious about what he looked like and if he had a family before and all that and so, I had gone to meet Uncle Ben and asked him to tell me how ‘he’ looked like and all but he told me to exercise patience till weekend. Since it was Wednesday, I began to do the count down but the closer it was to my beloved Saturday, the less confident I felt about the whole thing and I became jittery.

Avoiding Aunty Sharon wasn’t all that difficult because my family was always around. Tried as she might to have us alone, my mom or Dika ended up showing. We ended up not ‘talking’ till Saturday slowly but beautifully came.

The weather was warm that morning as we all made lunch Achara soup and pounded yam with which to welcome our guest. Or my guest as it was in this case. At noon when ‘he’ said he was going to be around, I heard the gate being opened after the honk of a vehicle and out of anxiety, I parted the curtains in the living room and saw three black Range Rover sports car enter the compound.

As the the doors were being opened, my mom dragged me to go dress up. My wardrobe was upturned as I searched for the perfect cloth. After I’ve tried out almost everything, my mom suggested I wore my blue tube dress which I didn’t think was appropriate, so hadn’t tried it on.

I wiggled into it and styled my hair. Wore a little make up and when I looked in the mirror, I knew he was going to be hooked. My mom had tears in her eyes and hugged me and just then Aunty Sharon came in to tell me ‘he’ was waiting for me. However, she was tongue tied as she looked at me and whispered ‘you are beautiful’. I wanted to hold her hands but couldn’t because of my mom.

We got to the living room only for the discussion to stop and mouths stood open as everyone looked at me. Then I saw him! About Uncle Ben’s age, only that he was handsome. No, he was beautiful. He had the perfectly chiseled face, cute lips which were pink and which contrasted with his dark complexion. He had white eyes and I nearly melted when he opened his mouth to smile. Nice set of teeth with white teeth. I was about to leave his face to stare at his body when Uncle Ben cleared his throat and told me that ‘he’ is called Chief Nwabueze and pointing at…


To be continued…


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