On OAU Admission 2016/2017, uploading of names, acceptance fee

By Bewaji Emmanuel

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Information recently reaching us suggests that the uploading of names of the OAU successfully admitted students 2016/2017 has begun. According to some newly admitteds on the oau connect 2016/2017 whatsapp page which was created specially for the OAU newly admitted students, claims have been made by these ones to have seen their names on the school portal while various others also claim they haven’t.

In this light, concerned candidates may log on to eportal.oauife.edu.ng using their jamb registration numbers as username to confirm if really, their names have been uploaded. (not according to the latest information on the school portal however or might have been removed).

Also on the payment of acceptance fee, although it’s been recently rumored and reported to commence by March 13, we maintain as in our last related publication that you beware of fraudsters, scammers and unverified information. We advise as also encouraged by the university management to stay updated and confirm information relating to this on the official portals/websites of the university oauife.edu.ng or eportal.oauife.edu.ng.


The latest information obtainable on the school’s website relating to this is as follows:


“The general public is hereby advised to take note of the following in respect of the 2016/2017 Admission exercise

  1. Admission status of any OAU candidate is CURRENTLY ONLY available on the JAMB (www.jamb.org.ng) web site.
  2. Candidates should beware of FRAUDSTERS claiming to represent the University for the payment of fees for the 2016/2017 Session. NO SUCH NOTICE has been released.

  3. All official releases in respect of the 2016/2017 admission exercise will only be provided on either of the following web sites: http://www.oauife.edu.ng or eportal.oauife.edu.ng.

The public is hereby warned!!!”




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