Hottest And Latest Students Empowerment Program By CIRLM


The Chartered Institute Of Loan And Risk
Management (CILRM) in Collaboration with CoNnect Media House, OAU Connect Media division


A student mandatory capacity building program/
Direct Membership

A one in a million empowerment program that will
add to the required equipments or could be the
required equipment to being successful in our
society of today.

Registered applicants automatically become a
member of the institute

Requirement to apply for the program is being a
student ( Diploma, ND, OND, NCE, Bsc etc) as it is a
student mandatory program

The program is coming up on OAU Campus, Ile-Ife,
Osun State, Nigeria very soon where the institute
shall storm the campus to give lectures and
workshops on how to become a Chartered loan and
risk manager. Forms are available already.

It is for all students. Not limited to OAU students


CILRM is established by the act of Parliament of
the federal republic of Nigeria Bill No. SB320
volume.9 of Nov.

Participant/Membership Benefits

  • All registered members will be inducted and your
    names will be on the institute’s induction program
    of event
  • With Associate membership certificate, you will be
    qualified for masters program in some higher
    institutions and others soon

  • Acquire skills and knowledge via seminars,
    workshops, conferences etc in loan and risk

  • Become a consultant to organizations as you will
    be issued
    a practicing licence

  • Free access to the institute’s library

  • Platform for networking among members,
    professionals, and personalities

  • Have advantage over others at job interviews/

*All registered members will be issued a certificate
of registration and a certificate of participation

*Members stand a chance of job selection etc

Brief CILRM Profile

International Memberships/Affiliations

  • CILRM is a member of Institute Of Credit
    Management (ICM), South Africa
  • A member of Global Association Of Risk and
    Management Professionals (GARP), USA

  • *A partner to Pinnacle Group, UK

    • A member of Certified Loan and Risk Management
      Professionals, UK

    Corporate Membership


    Forms are available with the institute’s
    representatives/ambassadors and other accredited
    bodies. Get yours with OAU Connect Media now.

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    Hotline, CN Media House

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    On the program specifically, you can also drop your contacts here if interested to join the CILRM Program discussion page on whatsapp.

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