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The advertisement/publicity team, CoNnect Media House is readily ready to promote you anytime. With hundreds of visitors and views per day and thousands in weeks, social media/chat sites massive presence and various partner media, We still go on to bring your organisations, groups, products, services, events etc closer to the people and instigate responsive awareness of the general public.

Terms And Conditions

CONNECT reserves the right to review all advertisements before hitting the air in accordance to her advertisement policy as we do not accept violent, defaming, nude or any other obscene characteristic advert placements. Advert banner(s) or image(s) must be of high quality and elegant.

Our Basic Advert Plans


  • All-Page (Top) plan –
    Your ads show at all times and all pages opened at the top, near the CONNECT logo.
  • Post plan– Your ads show on every of our published contents/post

  • Home/Front Static plan– Your ads show on top our front page and fixed.

  • Motion display plan– Your ads show in motion or sliding beneath the front page with other ads or gallery contents.


Your ads feature exclusively on our various social media channels and many others ( Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp…) we are connected to.

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Your contents get aired and consolidated

Duration plans.

  • Yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Medially (6months)
  • Weekly
    Discounts vary according to duration plans.

Consulting CONNECT Media to handle your entire promotions (goods and services, events etc) is a special service which includes devising your entire promotional strategies from graphic designing to public relations and so on. Contact us to learn more.

We do more than promote you

* Thousands of dedicated users on social media channels combo
* Hundreds running into thousands of visitors and views weekly
* Amazing interrelations policy
* Several special advert services, plans and strategies
* Amazing billing scheme

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