Gopoethick2016: Anticipatory shots with the Gopoethick T-shirt and Cap, change in venue

Gopoethick2016 Due to circumstances beyond our measure, the venue for GoPoethick 2016 has been changed from Pit Theater, to Cooperative Hall, behind Zenith Bank, Obafemi Awolowo University. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause. #teamgopoethick #Todayisgopoethick Come grace the halls of speech with your listening presence! Its GoPoethick2016 To get a special booking, […]

Gopoethick2016: 3days to event; a quick chat with the main organizers

By Bewaji Emmanuel, Oloworekende Adewale and Adeniyi Eniola In an Official interview with the main organisers of Gopoethick for Gopoethick2016: Warm welcome and pleasantry takes the premier position. Present were Adigun Abdullah, Director of Operations, Gopoethick2016 and Ogunkoya Samuel Dabar, Director of Publicity, Gopoethick2016 while the founder, Adewale Victor could not make the session but […]