Names Of Various Animals In Yoruba Language

Animals and Their Various Yoruba Names Cobra *** Ọka Ox , Bull *** Malu Spit-Snake *Ṣebe Dog *** Aja Hedgehog *** Ọya Pangolin *** Akika Crocodile *** Ọoni Alligator *** Ahọnrihọn Pig *** Ẹlẹdẹ Vulture *** Igun, Gunnugun, Gurugu, Akala Wood-Carrier *** Arigiṣẹgi Hawk *** Asa Palm-Bird *** Ologiri A species of Bird *** Olofẹrẹ […]

Anthony Elujoba: The People, The Man And His Legacy

By ‘Joba Ojelabi My first encounter with Professor Anthony Elujoba was in my sophomore year in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife. It was my first year in the Faculty of Pharmacy and sadly, my first time handling a working microscope. Like most of my colleagues, I did not know what I was expected to see […]

An open letter to OAU acting Vice Chancellor

By Anonymous In early 2011, the then VC increased the acceptance fee for freshmen to #20,000 and there was riots, leading to the closure of the school for four months. In 2014, school fees for freshmen was increased by an astronomical percentage of over 75%, and the SUG protested, leading to another closure of several […]

Nigeria: Why most states can’t pay workers salary…

By Anonymous Why most States can’t pay salaries of workers and the many ills of our economy. THIS IS AN ASSESSMENT ON AN INSTITUTION WITH ALL POLITICAL PARTIES. NOT A DISCUSSION ON ANY POLITICAL PARTY. 21 senators currently receive pensions from government as ex-governors and deputy governors. The current senators who once served as governors […]

LEGO Batman: See the Comic-Con trailer

By Okeleye Timilehin A new trailer for LEGO Batman screened in Hall H at San Diego’s Comic-Con International Saturday, offering a closer glimpse at the Will Arnett-voiced incarnation of the Caped Crusader.The clip also shows Michael Cera as Robin — who stumbles upon the Batcave before finding his signature costume and then pulling the pants […]

Presently on OAU…

By Bewaji Emmanuel As students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria continue to yearn and chant the immediate reopening of the university especially through the massive #ReopenOAU social media campaign by students which has amassed a lot of public attention –of the mass public, various significant individuals and undoubtedly the government, practical results has however […]

ReOpenOAU: The Story of Koye

By Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa My name is Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa and I have a story to tell. My matric number is 2 years behind my present level. If you don’t want to read long stories. You can as well stop here. That’s the basic idea of all I want to say. I waited 10 months at home […]