Adventure into love was all like a dream unhesistantly rushed into it, cause it was my compeers’ delighted film. Love In Despair Fought and thrived to stay featured in it but I guess it was just a marathon race backwards to it. Love In Despair I thought to myself, you could work it out obliviously […]

The hope ahead by Aderibigbe Olamide

By Aderibigbe Olamide THE HOPE AHEAD ….(A poem dedicated to the less privileged and street urchins) We are the native of the street. The street is what we are made of. The street houses us and our mischiefs. Urchins we are. We move around like locust. All we do is to live at no cost […]

Cruelty In Governance

By Aderibigbe Olamide Yes, I see him, I see him, he who sit on the high throne. On the throne of governance. I can see him, who is dressed in a great and royal apparel. With glittering sandals, All plated with gold. I can also see fury in his eyes. Oh! I see. He is […]

The lethal leaders by Olawale Wasiu

By Olawale Taiwo Wasiu , Creative writer, The Arts Firm (CoNnect Media House) bossorganization THE LETHAL LEADERS who will question The Authority, That’s cunningly Enslaving our personality? Those with this question, are many But only a few Can ask the question. However, the number Of those ordained to ask the question, Only few of them […]