Diary Of A Virgin episode 8

By Adebayo Mayowa     Episode 8     Dear diary, am sure with the recent deaths in my family, the angels would have noticed that a particular family was frequenting their domain. The deathly cry was not from Dika as I had feared it would but from one of the urchins. It happened that […]

Diary Of A Virgin episode 7

By Adebayo Mayowa   Episode 7     Dear diary, nothing keeps getting better. I thought the tragedy would stop at the death of my father and uncle. It was devastating enough to loose my dad but what about my big bro? Now am beginning to loose touch with the world. I have no real […]

Save Me episode 7

By Ikumawoyi Toluwalase   Episode Seven     There are six things the Lord hates- No seven things he detests A haughty eyes, a lying tongue, Hands that kill the innocent, A heart that plots evil, feet that races to do wrong A false witness who pours out lies, a person who sows discord in […]

Diary Of A Virgin episode 6

By Adebayo Mayowa   Episode 6     Dear diary, no need for formalities now because am more than saddened. Am beginning to ask God why he would allow all of these to have happened in the first place. It’s like a fortune of wheel that keeps rolling only that there’s no fortune coming to […]

Save Me! episode 6

By Ikumawoyi Toluwalase     Episode six   If you set a trap for others, You will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, It will crush on you instead. -Proverbs 26:27 “He bent on his knees and inscribed something on the ground, then he raised his head and […]

Diary Of A Virgin episode 5

By Adebayo Mayowa     Episode 5   Dear diary, today more than ever I wish my father was a farmer just a farmer. Not a subsistence farmer though but that he owned a plantain plantation. Ugh! I can’t even imagine myself a farmer’s daughter. If only wishes came through then am sure I would […]

Save Me! episode 5

By Ikumawoyi Toluwalase     Episode five   O lord, why do you stand so far away? Why do you hide when I am in trouble? -Psalms 10:1 “Should I run or stand and fight these goons?”, he thought to himself. Joseph had left the hotel very late, because he could not sleep throughout the […]

Diary Of A Virgin episode 4

By Adebayo Mayowa Episode 4 Dear diary, sometimes I just wish my uncle had made it abroad or that his wife got him the green card or that the bowl never revealed my face or my father didn’t take him home. The story I heard that morning became a haunting history, not to me alone […]

Diary Of A Virgin episode 2 (Reviewed)

By Adebayo Mayowa     Episode 2   Dear diary, yesterday was hellish at home because of the pandemonium caused by Uncle Iyke. My dad was too sad to be angry and as soon as my mom saw me, she hugged me fiercely and wouldn’t let me go until I started to cough. I saw […]