Basic And Administrative Structure 2017
The following contain the basic and administrative functions of all team members, 2017. The contents in brackets are the main media functions of individual team members asides any administrative function the person might have. However, information contained in these brackets are not necessarily complete and do not cover the entire scope of individuals. At connect, there is no limitation to what can be productively done and achieved.



  • Founder/Creative Director – Bewaji Emmanuel

(writing, reporting, editing, interviews, communications, visual editing, entertainment, politics, business, tech etc.)


  • Assistant Creative Director – Aderibigbe Olamide  

(PR/Adverts, writing, reporting etc.)


  • Human Resource Manager – Ezenwa Obinna Stephen

(writing, interviews, reporting – soccer, politics etc.)


  •  Special Assistant, Cr.D.- Obalakun Ayomide

(writing, reporting, interviews etc.)


  • Editor in chief – 



  • Deputy EIC (Administration) –  **Matthew Edache**(writing/reporting – poetry, etc.)


    • Deputy EIC (Publications) – Adegbaju Adeolu

    (writing, reporting, editing – articles, politics etc.)


    • Public Relations Officer – Igbecha Oghenetega

    (writing/reporting – poetry, interviews/communications etc.)


    • General Secretary – Oseni Toheeb

    (writing/reporting – health, entertainment, fashion/lifestyle, PR, events)


    • Bob-manuel Allen – Editor/writer

    ( creative writing, reporting, interviews, photography, cartooning, editing, communications etc.)


    • Onyekwere Chinedu – Creative writer/artist

    (arts, drawing, painting, printing etc.)


    • Ajani Kayode – Investigative Journalist/writer/reporter

    (investigations/research, politics, programs etc.)


    • Elujoba Tomisin – Reporter/writer

    (tech, internet/computer etc.)


    • Akinlawon Elijah – Reporter/writer

    (news, poetry, interviews etc.)


    •  Ayanwoye Tosin – Reporter/writer

    (sports, fashion, entertainment, etc)


    • Ayobami Victoria – Visual editor/writer/reporter

    ( picture editing, christian contents, jokes etc.)





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